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Cairns Council

cairns1In 2007 Cairns council engaged ECS for the supply of CCTV hardware with the intent of undertaking a complete head end upgrade across 3 stages. Following the contract award, ECS re-engineered the solution to provide the council with a far more effective solution which not only included all the equipment and labour required for the successful implementation of stages 1, 2 and 3.

Since 2007, ECS has provided continuous support for both preventative and reactive maintenance.

ECS upgraded the Cairns street safety system from a very basic 35-camera system to an impressive network extending to over 105 Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras. ECS introduced a new incident management solution complete with a high-level interface to the CCTV system providing Cairns council with one the most advanced street safety monitoring and incident management systems in Australia

The street surveillance system also links to Cairns Police Station and the Esplanade city beat monitoring post, linking to other council properties across a network of over 200 additional cameras.

This state of the art installation was recently featured on the television program, A Current Affair. (

In 2013, ECS Services successfully and cost effectively completed a major expansion for the Cairns Regional Council, deploying the Firetide Wi-Fi video mesh network technology to achieve a high performance and reliable wireless video network for continued growth of the Cairns street safe CCTV network.

The wireless links utilise MIMO (multiple in multiple out channeling) features, enabling increased data throughput and link range, with capacity to include additional applications across the link into the future.

The Cairns Regional Council CCTV expansion project incorporated the installation of several Firetide hot ports for the expansion of the existing cabled infrastructure situated in “end of line” locations, where the installation of additional cabling infrastructure was cost prohibitive or not feasible - deemed too invasive or disruptive. The installation incorporates an additional 15 high definition IP CCTV cameras in areas of critical interest.

Camera operators are extremely happy with little or no latency in the PTZ camera control. Also boasting no image degradation when compared with existing hard wired CCTV cameras.

The performance of the system is a direct result of the products excellent performance characteristics, ECS design, installation and commissioning expertise providing secure and stable connectivity.

cairns2The success of this project resulted in ECS being awarded additional projects for Cairns Regional Council.

ECS was asked to continue the expansion of the system providing video surveillance in locations with high rates of criminal activity and incidents which were previously inaccessible for connectivity.

Some of the camera links extend 3km from the nearest network access point. The ability to deploy the solution onto existing infrastructure such as building and poles minimises the overall deployment cost and unnecessary civil works.

As a trusted provider, ECS supplied and installed a Gallagher access control system in to Cairns Council to provide proof of concept of a solution proposed by ECS.

The proof of concept was deemed an overwhelming success and subsequently ECS were requested to install the Gallagher EACS across Councils numerous properties.