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Garden Island

featured garden islandECS was selected as the preferred integrator to deploy an advanced and unique video motion detection system designed to detect swimmers and small amphibious crafts approaching the protected/restricted zone of the Garden Island Naval base. The primary focus of the system is to assist in the protection of the Naval assets through the use of thermal cameras, intelligent analytics and an engineered solution brought to the fore by ECS. The solution incorporated various analytical systems, combining marine wave form analytics and 3D video motion detection from Geutebrück using specialised hardware and integration by ECS engineers to successfully integrate the new thermal cameras and detection systems with an existing Pelco Endura system.

ECS engineered the solution, providing the operators with a seamless integration of new technology into the current system. The project was awarded to ECS in May 2012 and successfully delivered it in a short time frame with fault free completion in September 2012.

The design of this solution was the first of its kind in Australia, as it required an extreme level of sophistication to overcome the difficulty of the detection of a submerged object in water whereby the thermal footprint reduced by more than 68%.

The detection accuracy required and achieved was less than 28 pixels. To put this into perspective, the system deployed, detects a breach where the human eye could not even detect the breach in broad daylight at distance of over 500M from the camera.

ECS is very proud to state that we have obtained dispensation with a physical accreditation certificate to store and handle classified information up to and including confidential level. ECS can also confirm that our process has been built to attain classification to “Secret” level.