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access control introElectronic Access Control System (EACS)

is the management of who goes where and when. When properly designed, the movement of personnel can be easily restricted from areas within user defined times and dates. Many systems can also utilise business requirements such as valid licenses and or qualifications, skill sets and authority levels to further manage access rights.

An ECS EACS solution provides a historical and live auditable understanding of all persons moving within your Property / Premises for the use of Safety, Surveillance, Evacuation and WHS purposes.

ECS designs, sells, installs and services most major brands in the market place and we specialise in the following brands through direct channel partnering distribution rights.

  • Gallagher (Cardax)
  • Inner Range (Concept and Integrity)
  • Protégé – Security and Access
  • Tecom Challenger
  • Salto
  • Sagem Biometrics
  • AccuFace Facial Recognition
  • RFID
  • HID
  • And many many more….

ECS capability for the provision of an EACS is extensive with ability to deliver everything from a single stand alone door right through to a global multi site with high level integrations into CCTV, Intercoms, Building Management Systems.  

A few examples of the functions and features that avail themselves to Systems Integration include: 

  • Access tracking and monitoring 
  • Automated event reporting 
  • Direct interface with CCTV and back to base alarm monitoring systems
  • Manage access for doors, elevators, car parks and vehicles
  • Manage integration with people counting, air conditioning, lighting controls and power saving efficient solutions.
  • Manage risk and enforce WHS policies using systems which dynamically reference the skill sets and competencies of the individual to automate authority rights.
  • Manage site lockdowns and emergency protocols
  • Staff access
  • Status alerts and automated distribution of alerts using SMS, site wide video distribution and audio alert solutions.
  • Asset tracking solutions integrating asset and owner to determine the access rights and controls for the movement of the asset across the site.
  • Visitor Management Solutions and Administration for automated control of access rights


Intruder Alarm Systems

ECS provides state of the art security alarm systems to aid in the protection of your business, home, factory or premises. Our security alarm systems utilise an array of detection devices including entry point detection, motion detection and perimeter protection which combine to create a comprehensive electronic security solution.

ECS specialise in the tailoring and customisation of the security requirements to suit your business, home, factory or premises.

ECS have expert technicians who are trained to assess the layout of your premises and make recommendations regarding the correct situation of the detection devices to maximise the effectiveness of your security alarm system.

The security alarm systems may be stand alone, report back to base (a specialist security alarm monitoring centre) or be integrated with your access control system, Closed Circuit TV system, and Building Management Systems.

ECS will discuss your specific needs to design and implement a solution suited to your premises.

The security alarm systems may interact with lighting controls, air conditioning systems and or many other aspects of your business / premises to automate processes. 

ECS can integrate your security alarm system with home or business automation such as automated blinds, sliding gates, roller shutters, external, internal lighting and heating and cooling.

ECS can provide security alarm systems which may be remotely monitored through your smart phone or tablet,