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security homeType 1 -  Security Alarm System (SAS)

The highest level of SAS is suitable for the protection of all information and physical assets.

The “SCEC” (Security Construction and Equipment Committee) approves SCEC Type 1 SAS which provide internal system protections not given by commercial security alarm systems. Australian Government Agencies are to use a SCEC Type 1 SAS for the protection of TOP SECRET and certain Code-word information, or where the compromise, loss of integrity or unavailability of the aggregate of information would cause catastrophic damage to Australia’s national security — unless ASIO-T4 has approved other site specific arrangements.

ECS is accredited, authorised and experienced in providing, installing and servicing Type 1 SAS and we have the expertise and accredited staff to carry out the projects which require Type 1 systems.

ECS are trusted by Government agencies across Australia to develop, design, install and implement systems and protocols to ensure our Countries facilities are safe.

The Relationship between detecting, delaying and responding to a perimeter security breach

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